Fact-Checking conference at CdS

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The US Embassy in Panama and the City of Knowledge Foundation held the open to the public conference Fact-Checking: Verifying political speeches and content on social networks, by the renowned American journalist Glenn Kessler, diplomatic correspondent and author of the blog "Fact Checker" of the Washington Post.

With a Convention Center at its maximum capacity, Kessler clarified that "I do not verify facts to change politicians, they will do what they want, but for citizens to inform themselves and decide for themselves", and added "however, the verification of data means that politicians can no longer make promises that they do not fulfill, it is an important part of the political process."

Kessler wanted to emphasize that journalists are not stenographers, since their duty is to demand the truth and verify the objective facts in the affirmations of politicians. He also made the distinction between facts, data and opinions and how important it is to differentiate them in the internet world that can be full of fake news, rumors and hoaxes. The important thing, he added, is that "if people are more informed, they will make better decisions."

About Glenn Kessler

Kessler has been a journalist for 35 years. He started by covering Wall Street and then investigating airline safety. He covered the White House under President Clinton and started to work at the Washington Post, where he is a political fact checker. Kessler is also an expert in navigation and determination of the veracity of information.