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Country Program Manager for Honduras (American Red Cross)

Publicado el 11 de julio de 2018 por IFRC

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  • Position based: Honduras (local staff)

The Country Program Manager is intended to be the Director and business manager for the countries covered by the American Red Cross delegation in Honduras with clear management authority and responsibility. Under the leadership and guidance of the Regional Director, s/he is accountable for developing the support strategy for the projects implemented by the National Society (NS) with funds canalized through the American Red Cross in this country covering the key tasks set out below and as updated from time to time as required.

The candidate to fulfill the position will ensure the alignment of its duties towards the reinforcement of the American Red Cross International Service Department worldwide strengths, as:

  • To expand the international programs and operation of American Red Cross worldwide.
  • To reinforce the acceptance and access of American Red Cross within the Movement and overall across the world.
  • The capacity to translate the generosity of the American people to support others across the border.
  • Experience and knowledge in preparation, response and recovery worldwide.

Job duties and responsibilities

Built upon the International Service Department Strategy for 2017 - 2020, the American Red Cross ISD vision is to provide relevant aid to vulnerable people and communities around the world in order to ensure proper preparation, response and recovery to humanitarian crisis and disasters, through the mobilization of the Red Cross Movement power and according to its mandate, supporting the NS’ in implementing the programs funded by the American Red Cross funds and ensuring the impact of our work in making communities more disaster ready. The proximity of Country Program Manager to the National Society will enable partnering for more increased disaster readiness in communities. Specifically, the duties and responsibilities are outlined as follows:

Strategical level – American Red Cross position in country within the National Society

  • To organise and manage the support to the National Society, maintaining the good relations of American Red Cross in this country between the National Society and any other Movement partner.
  • To understand and identify the needs, concerns and capacities of National Society in this country.
  • Support resource mobilisation efforts for the sustainability of programs within the National Society under the American Red Cross priority countries of intervention, in close coordination with the Regional Representation and according to the American Red Cross guidelines and allowed income sources for resources mobilization at international level.
  • Facilitate cooperation and coordination on behalf American Red Cross in emergency operations in country, among the National Societies and Movement partners upon American Red Cross Regional Director request and instructions.
  • Support National Society to build effective cooperation and partnerships with a wide range of partners and stakeholders in government, civil society, academia and the private sector, according to American Red Cross policies and guidelines.
  • Monitor, analyse and provide timely reports to the Regional Representation on the political, economic and social trends in this country considering the implications that those might have in the projects supported by the American Red Cross.
  • When required, represent the American Red Cross at events taking place at national level.
  • Long term initiatives – Programmatic/Projects
  • Support the Organizational Development Agenda of the National Society.
  • To coordinate and support the National Society processes for project proposals elaboration with regards to the funds channelled through the American Red Cross in this country, ensuring that programs are properly planned, managed and monitored according to American Red Cross PMER and finance rules and protocols.
  • To ensure that Project proposals submitted on behalf this country to American Red Cross back donors fulfil back donors’ requirements and are submitted in English to the American Red Cross Regional Director.
  • To provide timely response to the technical and procedure feedback received from Regional Representation and Head Quarter with regards to the project proposals to be submitted.
  • To ensure timely compliance to the deadlines in the proposals preparation and submission, ensuring the needed time in advance for the coordination of the project proposals with the National Society.
  • To ensure the financial management of the programming in this country, effective budget planning in place, and that programmes operate within approved budgets with transparency and accountability.
  • Ensure the quality and timeliness of the reporting according to the Americas Red Cross and backs donors PMER and financing criteria, maintain regular management reporting to the Americas Red Cross Regional Director and/or the personal delegated for this purpose including the headquarters Program Officer assigned to the country.
  • To ensure proper follow up and monitoring (remotely and field visits as required) of the projects funds by and through the American Red Cross in this country.
  • To provide technical and administrative coordination support to the National Society key staff of the projects towards ensuring the implementation within the approved timeframe.
  • To ensure the National Society accomplishment of the terms and conditions established in the Agreements signed for specifics projects in country, and monitoring the status of Agreements between Nationals Society and American Red Cross for its operations in this country.
  • To timely inform and report to the Regional Representation and headquarters Program Officer of any potential risk that might impact the implementation of the Projects which might require strategical advice and decision from the Regional Representation.
  • Ensure that American Red Cross and its back donors policies, procedures, guidelines and quality standards are known and complied with, providing the due briefings and monitoring controls measures at all stages of the projects;
  • Ensure the application of all established HR policies and procedures, and that staff hired for the projects in country are employed in accordance with local laws and practices;
  • Implement gender and diversity policies;
  • Respond to Disasters and Crises
  • Provide the proper support in order to ensure that the American Red Cross international framework to respond is aligned to the humanitarian needs and regional priorities.
  • Provide the proper support to ensure efficiency, communication channels during emergency time while supporting the business continuity of the National Society projects funded by the American Red Cross.
  • Provide support to the National Society towards the strengthening of their respond capacities and systems.
  • To ensure that Regional Representation and NHQ point of contacts are properly informed in advance of any emergency that might occur in this country, by coordinating and supporting the National Society response teams the preparation of Situation Reports since the beginning of any emergency.
  • To ensure the American Red Cross involvement and presence at National Society EOC`s in close coordination with and under the guidelines of the American Red Cross Regional Director, and be able to be deployed from and to any of the American Red Cross priority countries for intervention.
  • To provide technical advice and recommendations to the Regional Representation on emergency response actions, regarding to any American Red Cross priority countries for intervention.


  • Relevant University degree and specialized studies on programs, humanitarian response and development
  • IMPACT (International Mobilization and Preparation for Action) course or equivalent knowledge (i.e. BTC), preferred


  • Minimum of 5 to 8 years of work experience in humanitarian operations for a humanitarian aid organisation and or development cooperation organisation, 5 of which should be at senior management level
  • 5 years’ experience of analysing, planning and managing programmes and resources and resource mobilisation
  • Experience of managing and supporting
  • Proven experience in governance and leadership support
  • Proven experience of working in programs and project related to at least one of the two ISD programmatic priorities (1. Disaster Management: Preparation, Response and Recovery; and 2. Measles eradication)
  • Demonstrated initiative and creativity, and substantial experience of strategic thinking, including identifying, analysing, problem solving and responding to opportunities and challenges and the ability to translate these into practical plans of action
  • 5 years of work experience including management in a red Cross/Red Crescent National Society, IFRC or ICRC, or a relevant international organization, preferred.
  • Proven experience of working in Americas´ region

Knowledge and Skills

  • Strong management and organizational skills, including ability to delegate authority and responsibility
  • Good intercultural communication skills
  • Ability to work in a cross cultural and cross functional environment
  • Strong people and financial management skills
  • Computer literate and proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Excellent interpersonal negotiations skills, including ability to effectively communicate a vision, solve problems and manage conflict
  • Proven people management skills in a multi-cultural environment
  • Demonstrated ability to undertake high-level representational and advocacy role as per request
  • Understanding of and commitment to the American Red Cross mission and values
  • Drive change and improvements and ability to deliver strategies in a challenging environment
  • Leader Skill Training (DHL), preferred


  • Fluent spoken and written English
  • Fluent spoken and written Spanish
  • Good command of another official language used in American Red Cross priority countries (French)

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